Music and Movement Classes

If your center would like to add a music and movement program, it can be as easy as contacting me. When I come to your center, I provide the lesson plan, the teaching, and all the instruments and other materials used in the class.  If requested, I can customize the lesson plan to integrate and enhance your current curriculum.

It is recommended that your center provide at least 2 semesters of classes each year for a total of 28 weeks of classes.  The recommended maximum class size is 15, but larger classes may be accommodated.


My goal is to provide a quality, research based music and movement program to the children at your center at an affordable cost.  How much the program costs depends on a number of factors, including how long each class is, how many classes you need, and whether the cost of take home materials will be paid by your center.  Multi-class discounts are available if the classes are provided at the same location, on the same day, and during a single time block.  In some cases, the cost per child for a full two semester music program at your center can be as little $1.35 per week when calculated across your annual budget.


Take home materials are a key part of any quality music program.  I use primarily materials created by Musikgarten, a leader in early childhood music education.  Take home materials for the classes can be purchased by your center from Musikgarten for all the children participating in the music  program, or can be offered to the parents as an optional purchase.

For more information on how you can bring quality music education to your center, contact me at 703-200-7362 or